College Degree Custom. Replacement Degree. Fake Degree.

November 9, 2007


Custom College Degree. Replacement College Degree. Fake College Degree.

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Get your College Degree Fast. In 7 Days. Lost College Degree? Damaged Transcripts? We will replace them – They will look like originals. Cal State Replacement Degree.? University of Phoenix Replacement Degree.? UCLA Fake Degree? Custom Replacement or Phony Transcripts.? even International schools. college-degree-fast-side1.jpgWe have the exact articles on file and can replicate them for you. view below for Degree and Print standards. Click Below for Photos and More Information.

If Your College or University has closed, we have the list and can reproduce from your Closed School. We also offer Notarization and Legalization of your Degree or Transcript. email or call s for Closed School List.


Thank you for viewing this post regarding this quite Empowering Program. With thousands sold over the years, this program could propel you to a much higher and rewarding level. offers, Replacement College Degree’s, and, Replacement Transcripts. is the only online destination that produces to exacting standards

Check out some recent. Custom College Degree-and-Fake College Transcripts. photos. here you will see pictures of reproductions we have done such as. University of Phoenix Replacement Degree. Cornell University Diploma. Other Fake Diplomas. Did You Know, we are the only service that offers you the Chance to see what you will get before you get it? That’s right. all- Online Custom College Degrees, get PDF Proofs to review before production/Shipping. This means-You can check your Custom College Degree and Transcripts, and if you need any revisions we will gladly make them. we want your Custom Replacement Diploma to be perfect, on the perfect paper, the perfect fonts, the perfect Raised/Embossed Seal.

College Degree Fast, will have your Custom Documents to you within 7-10 Days pending approval of proof’s. You get to see your documents before they are shipped! this ensures accuracy and you can make any revisions if you would like including any classes on your Transcripts.

If you would like more Information on our-Closed College List, Closed University List. or simply would like more information you can contact us click here to submit your inquiry. or visit. Fake College Degree. Fake Transcripts.

What can you expect when you-Buy a College Degree, Buy a Fake College Degree-or any replacement degree’s from us? Courteous Professional Service. Attention to every detail. Very Discreet. Personal Attention. Your Success is very important to us.


Custom Diploma, Custom Degree’s. Printed on Olde world parchment paper, or whichever paper your chosen school uses. The weight will vary from 35-45Lb. The paper is very important, we know which school uses what paper. The print can be felt, it is a digital print. Your-Custom College Degree-will be printed digitally, this means, it will not run or fade in wet conditions or as time passes. unlike many others who simply print from home inkjet printers. We Are Professional Printers. The Seal, Your, Custom College Degree will feature your chosen Universities proper Regal Seal. We will research this. Your seal may be Metallic foil, Heat Foiled and Raised/Embossed. We pay very close attention to detail. In Fact,

We Have many genuine articles on file.

UCLA Degree. Custom University of Phoenix Degree. DeVry University Degree. Capella University Degree. Custom University of South Florida Degree. CUNY. Cal State, Fast California State University Degree. and many, many more in US. and International. Buy a Custom Degree-Get it Fast. Fake Diplomas, Fake Degrees, Phony Degree, Custom Diploma, Novelty Degree Diploma or Closed School Degree. We specialize in all Document creation/Replication.

The Quality of your Custom Transcripts

Your Custom Transcripts. When You, Buy Custom Transcripts, we again will research all classes, Term systems, GPA legend and more. Your Transcripts will be printed on Official Anti Copy Paper with other security features. In fact, this is the same paper your school uses. it will have the Registrar Stamp, Date of Issuance, Issued to/Record Of, and More. Your Transcript will include GPA, (both letter and Grade Point), Quality Points, and Cumulative Summary. The Sealed Transcripts are in an envelope clearly marked, it includes date stamp, University Logo and address of Registrar and a Seal on the Clasp with College/University logo that states “Invalid if Seal is Altered”. all Custom Transcripts you buy are very Official, and as always, you get to see them first. Buy Custom Transcripts-Get them Fast. whether they are-Fake Transcripts, Novelty Transcripts, Phony Transcripts or Closed College Transcripts.

We Have you Covered


Do you Have a List of Colleges & Universities I can use for my Diploma/Degree?

We have thousands of samples of Colleges and Universities around the World, From top 10 to smaller community colleges. we have compiled this over several years. We have your Custom Degree and Transcripts.

List of Closed Colleges and Universities?

We have a complete list of Closed Colleges, Closed Universities by State. Simply email us at We can help you if you have lost your College Documents, Damaged Degree or Transcripts. or if your College or University has Closed. Closed Colleges, Closed Universities are our specialty.

Can You Find Proper Signatures for the School/Year I Choose?

Yes, we have a database with Board of Regents, Trustees and More. We can find all appropriate digital signatures for your Fake Dipoma, Fake Degree, Closed College Degree or Novelty Diploma-Degree.

Are the Transcripts complete front and Back?

Yes, all terms and/or semesters are completes, every class, every grade. Your Custom Transcripts feature your chosen school GPA legend and accreditation and more on reverse.

How do i get to see the documents before they are shipped?

After purchase, you will be directed to the enrollment page where you can simply fill in the blanks with requested information (yesr of graduation, Date of Birth, School Name, major, etc.). once we receive this, we will begin your Custom Degree, Custom Transcripts Creation. upon completion of the documents, we will email you a PDF attachment, you can open these to view every detail, then-Upon approval, we will ship them right away. we ship Express mail, Priority Mail and More.

Fake Degree, Fake Transcripts, Custom Diploma, Fake Degrees.

No matter what you call it, your expectations will be exceeded. Your Fake Degree or Custom Transcripts will be all you need to Succeed.


What do your certificates and diplomas look like?

We have graphic artists with over 35 years of combined experience to make these certificates and novelty diplomas look as authentic as THE ORIGINALS. These fake diplomas, Custom Degrees-are indistinguishable from actual diplomas in that we use the same paper and printing techniques used with real diplomas.

Can I pick any school I want my documents from?

Yes. We leave the creativity and all the responsibility up to the customer. We will print the information you want on your Fake Novelty Degree.

Can I get any type of degree I wish?

Yes, with exception to degrees in the medical field, including Veterinary, Dental. also Aviation we do not sell. we have the right to choose which major we do not wish to include. Fake Business Management Degree, Custom Fast Business Degree, Novelty Engineering Degree, Fake Criminal Justice Degree. Novelty Degree in Human Resources. Hospitality Management Degree. Fast Degree in Computer Science, Fast Bachelors Degree in Information Technology. and hundreds more. Fake Bachelors Degree, Buy a Fake Bachelors Degree. Fake MBA, Novelty Business Degree. so much more.

What kind of paper are the Custom Degrees and Transcripts printed on?

We use high-grade cotton fiber paper as well as water mark (or non-repro) paper for a number of our certificates and transcripts. The paper used for our novelty transcripts is a top level security paper, commonly referred to as ‘copy proof’. The paper has a number of security features, including when copied this paper will generally show a hidden words and micro text.


My University Closed. I couldn’t get my documents from the dept of Edu. I called your service. Thank you so much. the other online degrees were junk. looked like inkjet print on copy paper. Your Productions are beautiful. You replaced my Closed University Degree and Transcripts. Job way well done. Hats off to you. I urge anyone that cannot replace a College Degree, Call Them. They can get you exact copies of your College Degree. Whether its a Closed School, or opened. They are the Grandmasters at this

Ronald G. Boston, MA.

I lost my College Degree in the Flood. gave me my Replacement College Degree and Replacement Transcripts Fast. I had no idea there existed such a service. I urge anyone who needs replacement college documents to call them. You can Buy a Copy or your College Degree, Yes, it looks real. They produce the best Diplomas anywhere. the price and service are excellent. Rose L. Miami, FL.

Buy a Fake Degree? Try a real one. they might be covering themselves with that line. This far exceeded my expectations. My Custom College Degree arrive in a padded gold embossed diploma holder. I was absolutely amazed with the artistry and detail. Thank you.

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November 9, 2007

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